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How John Doherty Bootstrapped Marketplace Credo After Being Laid off from a Six Figure Job

How John Doherty Bootstrapped Marketplace Credo After Being Laid off from a Six Figure Job

On today’s episode of Gritty Founder, Kreig Kent talks with John Doherty about how he built and grew Credo. John shares advice on starting an agency, attracting clients, and developing the right business model.

John Doherty is the founder/CEO of Credo, a marketplace connecting businesses with vetted digital marketing firms. He lives in Denver with his wife, daughter, and dog.

Some Questions Kreig asks John:

– When did you get the idea to start something on your own? (9:53)
– What is Credo’s business model? (15:50)
– What has been the most important ingredient throughout this journey that has contributed to your success? (22:20)
– What have you done to market Credo? (24:57)
– What advice can you give for someone who is starting an agency? (30:02)
– How do you identify coaches that can help you as a founder? (38:41)
– Can you share a story that at the time felt like a negative experience, but looking back it was a blessing in disguise? (43:03)
– What’s your plan for the future of Credo? (46:09)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

– About John’s background and how he became an entrepreneur (4:18)
– How John started Credo (10:04)
– Build a brand that people know and trust (22:32)
– Marketing tips and strategies (25:08)
– Advice for attracting clients (30:14)
– Have a network of peers, coaches, and mentors (36:07)
– Thoughts on raising venture capital (41:16)

Connect with John Doherty:

Personal Website

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John’s favorite quote:
“Why do people want to be rich and famous? Why not just be rich, being famous is a pain in the ass.” ―Naval Ravikant

John’s book recommendation:
The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

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