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How Marc Barros Founded Moment After Building Contour into a Multi-Million Dollar Company with Customers All Around the World

How Marc Barros Founded Moment After Building Contour into a Multi-Million Dollar Company with Customers All Around the World

On today’s episode of Gritty Founder, Kreig Kent talks with Marc Barros about what he learned building both Moment and Contour. Marc shares advice on how to build a great product and a great business.

Marc Barros is the co-founder of Moment, the best tools in the world for mobile photographers. Prior to Moment, Marc was a co-founder and former CEO of Contour, a hands-free camera company that makes action video easy to capture and share. Shortly after graduating from the University of Washington, Marc co-founded Contour in 2004 and led the organization from a garage to a multi-million dollar company with hundreds of thousands of customers around the world.

Some Questions Kreig Asks Marc:

– How did you know there was a market for Contour cameras? (7:39)
– Has there been a time in your life when you’ve experienced failure, but looking back you think of that failure as a blessing? (11:31)
– For an entrepreneur right now who is building a company with a small team, what are some key lessons that you can teach them today? (22:01)
– How does the way you run Moment compare to how you ran Contour after all these lessons you learned? (22:58)
– What advice do you have for a first time founder who is thinking about starting a company and they are just going back and forth between a bunch of ideas? (25:04)
– What was your thinking and motivation behind crowdfunding Moment versus raising money from venture capitalists? (26:36)
– Can you talk about the process of raising money? (28:28)
– How do you think about sales and marketing? (33:24)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

– About Marc’s journey as an entrepreneur and how he started both Contour and Moment (2:47)
– Why you should think about building a business around a problem set rather than a specific idea (8:01)
– What Marc learned after getting fired from his first company and watching the company go bankrupt months later (11:42)
– The difference between founder and CEO roles (13:16)
– The importance of purpose and starting with ‘why’ not ‘what’ (22:14)
– Why you need a process early on when starting a company (23:37)
– How and why you need to build a relationship with investors (28:58)
– Don’t just build a great product, build a great business (31:40)
– Focus on figuring out what you need to do to get another customer (33:36)

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