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How Nick Timms Built Three SaaS Companies with over $1 Million in Recurring Revenue

How Nick Timms Built Three SaaS Companies with over $1 Million in Recurring Revenue

On today’s episode of Gritty Founder, Kreig Kent talks with Nick Timms about building multiple SaaS companies simultaneously. Nick shares valuable advice on how to market and scale your business.

Nick currently runs three SaaS companies, Whoisvisiting, ReplyUp, and Drag. He’s launched leading agencies BEAF and Clicks and has done completely random things such as launch Eden’s Paper (a product that debuted on Fox News in Dec. 2014). He’s now focused on hustling is way up to $10 mil annual recurring revenue exclusively on his SaaS products (currently at $1.5mil annually) and is publicly sharing his journey on how he’s doing it all.

Some Questions Kreig Asks Nick:

– What is your take on Silicon Valley startups? (5:09)
– When running multiple projects simultaneously, it’s important to have the right people in place. How did you go about doing that? (5:46)
– Can you talk about sales and marketing, and what you’ve been doing to scale these companies of yours? (9:32)
– Do you use the same marketing and sales process across all your companies? (13:06)
– Can you talk about your thoughts on buying data/lists? (14:27)
– What is the most important ingredient a founder should have in order to be successful? (17:05)
– Can you tell us about a time you failed in your business and how you moved forward? (17:57)
– What are some lessons you have learned during the process of building so many different companies that you want to share with an inexperienced founder? (19:59)
– Can you give an example of a time when you were growing really fast with your previous business and because of not having processes or structure things did not work out the way you expected them to? (20:49)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

– About a few of Nick’s early businesses, how he got into SaaS, and some of his current projects (2:20)
– How Nick learned the importance of relying on other people when building a team and growing his companies (6:09)
– The importance of marketing, and Nick’s marketing strategies for his companies (9:49)
– Why Nick thinks buying data is not always a bad idea (14:43)
– The importance of effectively managing a company/team and having the right processes or structure in place (18:12)
– Profit is sanity revenue is vanity (22:04)

Connect with Nick Timms:


Also Mentioned on This Show…

Nick’s favorite quote:
“Just because you weren’t first, doesn’t mean you can’t be the best.” ―Gary Vaynerchuk

Nick’s book recommendation:
The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabane

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