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How Renee Wang Built Castbox, a Leading Global Podcast Platform

How Renee Wang Built Castbox, a Leading Global Podcast Platform

On today’s episode of Gritty Founder, Kreig Kent talks with Renee Wang about how she built Castbox. Renee shares how her team innovates to compete with competitors, as well as her experience moving Castbox from Beijing to Silicon Valley.

Founder and CEO of Castbox. Prior to founding Castbox, Renee was a part of the global mobile advertising team for Google Beijing, Dublin and Japan. She was the 7th employee at Umeng, a China-based startup acquired by Alibaba, and was one of the earliest Android developers in 2008. Renee holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Peking University.

Some Questions Kreig asks Renee:

– How did you get the idea for Castbox, and how did you launch it? (12:02)
– What does Castbox do as a product, and what is your business model? (31:29)
– How did you know Castbox was worth your time and worth the risk? (45:11)
– What advice can you give founders who are in the early stages of building a company? (01:02:13)
– How do you take care of your mind and wellness as a founder? (01:04:45)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

– About Renee’s background and how she became an entrepreneur (4:32)
– How Renee started Castbox (12:21)
– Renee’s first impressions after moving to San Francisco (21:16)
– Differences between Chinese and American employees and investors (22:33)
– What makes Castbox different from other podcast platforms (31:41)
– How to compete with big established competitors (43:49)
– Never give up. Time solves many problems. (01:02:30)

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Renee’s favorite quote:
“Only fight the battles you think you can win.”

Renee’s book recommendation:
The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu

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