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How to Get Into a Startup Accelerator?

How to Get Into a Startup Accelerator?

In one of my recent posts titled, Startups are F$#%^& Tricky, I wrote a piece that said:

As a founder, you need the chutzpah for the dreams and goals you want to pursue. Eat, sleep, exercise and iterate. Remember, execution is key in spite of what the experts might throw at you.

Instead of giving you a long list of things you need to do in order to get into an accelerator program, I’m going to give you just one thing you need to focus on. If you:

  1. Want to get into an accelerator program.
  2. Want investors to come knocking on your door.
  3. Want to have more investor meetings lined up than you know what to do with.
  4. Want your network to emerge magically.
  5. Want to become an “overnight success”.

If you want all of those things, you need to focus on one thing.

The one thing you need to focus on is Product. You need to figure out why you’re building what you’re building, and who are you building it for.

Step outside the circle and evaluate

Be humble in your role as a founder/product developer, and go beyond your gut feeling. Create processes to help analyze and review the data you’re collecting, and let the data influence your product decisions.

See Also

Find your key metric

When Facebook was being built, their key metric was — Get a user to reach 7 friends in 10 days. That was the mantra. That is all the team focused on. Find your key metric as soon as possible and focus solely on that one thing.

Cultivate long term product vision

Do you understand how your product might evolve? Have you spent thousands of hours thinking about the product you are building and the problem you’re solving? Do you understand your space better than most people? Do you have an advantage?

In short, focus on building a great product and the other pieces of the puzzle will fall in place. Including an opportunity for you to get into an accelerator program of your choice.

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