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The Startup Life. Please Don’t Quit.

The Startup Life. Please Don’t Quit.

I wrote this poem because building a startup is probably the hardest thing you will do in your life. I respect and admire all the founders who share their ideas with me. I’m humbled by your grit, and perseverance.

There are ideas you want to pursue, there are startups you want to join.
You are desperate to move to the city, so you find an apartment in the Tenderloin.

You are talented enough to hack an MVP, even if that means you won’t sleep for days.
You just want to be noticed for your CEO skills, keep in mind this is just a passing phase.

Fast forward two years, you now live in the Mission.
You found a job at your friend’s startup, ’cause you want your dreams to come to fruition.

You still work hard, you still sleep less
You want to be noticed, and you can’t seem to rid the stress.

San Francisco is getting expensive, but you have all these ideas you want to pursue.
You tell your friends you’re going to make it this time. You’re definitely going to pull through.

Days turn into months, and months turn into years.
You begin to question the startup life, and you fall on your knees in tears.

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Is that you? Even though you manage to maintain a strong front.
All this hard work you’ve put in, and now you want to punt?

Stop dead in your tracks, and think for a minute.
Did you feel this way, before you hit your limit?

Don’t quit now, you still have a shot.
Apple wouldn’t be the company it is today, if Steve Jobs hadn’t written its next plot.

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